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eliade's Journal

Anna S.
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  • eliade@livejournal.com
Me: Anna S. Also, Rodney the Cranky Turtle. Reasons to live, #2347: David Hewlett's smile.

ARCHIVE POLICY: Anyone may archive any fiction from my LJ or old Web site, including comment fic, snippets, etc. Web site story pages can be found using the Wayback search engine on www.drizzle.com/~eliade/. You can list me as Eliade or Anna S. If you include my e-mail address, it's eliade@gmail.com. Please try to scrub any Drizzle.com links and please keep the story formatting clean; bad smashed-paragraph formatting, loss of italics, etc--these are the only things that will truly upset me. You can remove story notes if you like and correct obvious typos if your OCD compels you; otherwise please leave text as is, even if it's likely to make me face-palm at my own idiocy. Thanks!