Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

disturbing smallville dream

I dreamed just now that Clark was standing in an apartment in Metropolis with his family and friends, and it was night. He stiffens and walks out onto the balcony. Everyone is asking after him as he jumps off the building and flies up to the steepled roof of another, much taller building, where he stands, feet wedged into the narrow spire. (All of which was very unsettling in the dream, because it felt like I was doing it, and I was kind of wobbly.) He turns from compass point to point, trying to identify the source of his distress call. When he does, he leaps off and flies away without his cape, in his regular clothes.

"Clark!" Chloe calls, but he's gone. "He didn't wear his cape!" she cries. Lex says so what? Chloe says that he's not aerodynamically sound without it. Lex is peevish: why didn't you tell him that? I did, Chloe says. "I sewed it right into the label!"

Meanwhile, Clark zooms out into this industrial park, out in the country. He lands outside a aluminum-sided pre-fab office like you'd find on a construction site, and begins peeping in through rips and holes in the window shades. There are several men inside, and a couple--husband and wife--being held prisoner. A few men are standing to one side of the room, refining some kind of gruel that they're about to test feed to a horse. The woman is crying. The husband is very upset. Also, he has one very big arm: swollen and red from injections. Clark zips around from window to window, evading the eyes of some henchmen who are looking outside. In the next room, he sees a crib with a baby in it.

He realizes that the bad guys have ground up and liquified one of the couple's children and injected the results into the father's arm, among other things. The second child is the one they're more scared of, though. They're about to do the same to it. The point of their experiments is unclear.

Clark bursts in and ass-kicks all the people inside, flinging them around. Most run off, but Clark is afraid they might come back. He gathers up mom and dad and baby and hustles them out the door. "If I rip the ignition block off," he says, "does anyone know how to hotwire a car?" The husband says no, then looks at his wife in surprise because she is nodding yes. She hotwires the car, and the family drives off, leaving Clark to keep tracking and beating up the scattered thugs. But the thugs follow the family in two other cars, and Clark zips along the dark country road in pursuit. He flings one car into a field, sends it skimming out over the corn like a plane--it finally explodes. The other car he stops with his body--wham!--and slides along the road until he can halt it and toss it.

When all this is done, Clark is glowing red all over with superpower. He's wired up: using his powers energizes him and makes him horny. I think he heads back to the city after that, probably to find Lex.

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