Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

keanu says...

"The path to enlightenment is the middle way. It is the line between all opposite extremes."

See--not all television is bad for you. If you surf through five minutes of The Little Buddha you too can receive the balmy wisdom of the ages from an actor with an atrocious accent and a laughable beard.

I just liked it because it summed up my thoughts once again on the final BtVS season. (Sometimes I can actually sustain the belief for seconds at a time that it had some meaning.)

So, question. Most people on my friends list have Buffy-themed LJs...BtVSLJs? Some have SVLJs (hmm, I think I'm inventing acronyms), a few have HPLJs or DSLJs, and some queens are holding court in their LJs over a whole slutty rainbow of fandoms (::cough::TE::cough::), so: who are the people with QAFLJs? I mean, I could look it up as an interest group, but I'm sure it's huge and it won't necessarily tell me who is writing and talking about Queer as Folk non-stop and captivatingly.

Does anyone have LJ recs?

Edited to add: Comments now contain insane squees and spoilers for tonight's QAF.


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