Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

holy crap

My Amazon order for QaF season one came today. ToDAY. They notified me that my order shipped out Saturday, and to expect it on Thursday or Friday because I'd picked the slowest shipping method, for free shipping, and it's already HERE. That's practically overnight express for crying out loud.

Must go watch prom scene again...

Also? My Ultimate Seventies Collection arrived. The 1979 CD has one of those white booted roller skates pictured on the cover. Love it. The 1977 CD has a disco ball, and all this week at work I can listen to such retro songs as:

Rock'n Me -- Steve Miller Band
Takin' It to the Streets -- The Doobie Brothers
Sara Smile -- Daryll Hall and John Oates
Say You Love Me -- Fleetwood Mac
Play That Funky Music -- Wild Cherry
You Should Be Dancing -- The Bee Gees
Don't Go Breaking My Heart -- Elton John and Kiki Dee
Still the One -- Orleans
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover -- Paul Simon
That'll Be the Day -- Linda Ronstadt
Welcome Back -- John Sebastion (hee)
Dream Weaver -- Gary Wright
All by Myself -- Eric Carmen

I'm a little *too* excited. I think I need an icon that says "Dork!"

Also, the market had salmon!

Fannish Content Quotient: 50%
Dullness Quotient: 83%
Salmon Quotient: 100%


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