Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

yeah, huh.

My mind is not really getting a signal today. It's like a television channel with static and a high-pitched whine. ~~~beeeeeeeeeeep~~~

I put up a Justin/Brian prom dance screenshot as my work wallpaper. Bought a Drifters CD just for the song "Save the Last Dance for Me." Made some icons. Looked for fan-fiction. Ran away screaming from story summaries I will not inflict on anyone. Watched episode 3.10 last night. Possibly uttered tiny whimpering sound at the ending.

...and wrote some more of the latest Sidelines story, so: Don't. Even. Ask.

Fannish Content Quotient: 65%
Dullness Quotient: 136%
Salmon Quotient: 13%

I dreamed last night that I was complaining about the stupidity of something I'd read, and was critically informed that my reaction was in fact more surreal and meaningless than the story, which tended to negate my feedback.

Non-sequitur Quotient: 105%

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