Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

another day...

...another twelve hours watching QAF. I feel lost in another world, and am not very coherent for this one.

I scribbled on my hand the 11:35 air date for tonight's final showing of episode 3.9 (Brian: "He's the guy I fuck more than once." -- Justin: "Unlike you." -- high-pitched squeeing sounds), and still got so caught up watching season two that I lost track of time and missed the first twenty minutes or so. New ep tomorrow night. I want to start watching even though I've missed some early season three eps. I need eps 3.1-3.9 and will pay for the cost of taping, etc. Does anyone feel generous? Ironically I *have* Showtime--have had it for a few years now--which makes this plea all the more lame.

Everything I feel and think about this show is still locked up tight. The effort to put my feelings into words is far more than I want to expend. The only thing that keeps rising to the surface is my amazement that such misogynistic assholes can capture my heart and make me feel such anguished joy on their fictional behalves. I have a whole mental essay about that I'll probably never post, but it's astonishing.

...and I am feeling sleeeeeeepy.

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