Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

the matrix and me

On the note of "me" ("me me me"), I went into work, spent a few hours doing this and that, then went off on managerially-approved company time with my team to see The Matix Reloaded. Came home after and logged on for a bit. After an hour and a half reading and writing work e-mail, I feel as if the top of my head's going to come off. Very boring, I know, griping about the job, but I could weep at the sheer bloody nerve of the biz teams I work with. It makes me want to sink myself into a jacuzzi full of whiskey and just let it soak into my pores.

Wow. Can I have some cheese with my cheese? And a side of cheese? And could you grate some cheese on that?

How pretty, and how utterly ridiculous.

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