Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

happy happy morning

I'm still giddy, oh so giddy, etc etc.

mustangsally78 says thoughtful things about next season's Angel, with casting spoilers--and by the way, can someone please tell me the expiration date of fall casting "spoilers"? When is it safe to abandon cut-tags? Is there consensus? I mean, some people have gone tagless already, but I've also seen recent requests from other people to keep cut-tags on the subject.

anniesj gives me a happy with her End of Days review.

I want to say, I'm very grateful that there's this whole trend of warning people about negative reviews, because I do skip them. I like having a buzz. It's so rare that I do feel happy, that when I've got the mood I want to keep it. So I say thank you to people for that! :)

Today I am a fluffy bunny. Fear me, Anya! Fear me! I will hop all over you with my hoppy happy legs!

...I am such a dork.
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