Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Go, chica.

Yet again, anniesj says things so I don't have to, this time about that Salon article. And she says it way more articulately than the few grunts I was going to make. I disagree with the article's basic premise, agree with some of its points--that there wasn't enough done with Spike's soul arc, that they cut lines they shouldn't have, that there wasn't enough Willow and Xander this season, etc. The comparison with The F. pains me, of course. Some of you know why. Let's not talk about it any more, shall we? Thanks.

And now something is telling me I must work...hmm. Sitting in the office, getting paid good money, my entire body covered in post-it notes filled with scribbed memos to myself...yes, I think that's it.

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