Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

S5 Angel

So, James Marsters is going to be on Angel next year. Insert a tiny squee here. Trying to tug my fangirlish pleasure off-balance though, is my opposing squick of seeing my beloved sex ojbects age past their sell-by date onscreen. They should do it gracefully offscreen so as not to scare the horses, I feel. This is especially true for guys playing androids, hello (waves to Data), and of course vampires.

Even though Spike is so very much a vampire, and I love his character for it, I still wouldn't be averse to the idea of giving him Angel's shanshu, and making him human. There's still time. It'd more or less solve that aging thing. Plus, it'd be pretty funny.

Agree with someone who said--when this was still just speculation--that it's definitely time to give Spike a new look. Fashion makeover, please.

Cannot believe they're letting Cordelia leave the show this way, sliding away into the realm of forgotten champions via her coma. I am boggled, actually. But it would a great example of grave consequences actually following on the promise of same--they said that if she gave birth she'd die, or as good as. And she has. No punches pulled. Though I suspect the coma exit was a kind of compromise, a placeholder until they found out if Carpenter wanted to come back.
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