Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

my rampant, erect, virile consumerism

Fed by my sudden resurgence of 70s nostalgia, and impatient for my officially late Ultimate 70s Collection (damn you, Time-Life), I went wild at the used CD store and bought CDs for The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, and the Eagles, and--jumping ahead a decade--Stevie Ray Vaughan. I also came really close to buying the ELO Classics CD, and as I was leaving noticed they were now selling used DVDs. Made a mental note to return at another time.

Went to the video store instead and rented Frailty, a real downer of a movie, but a great one nonetheless, and the idea of listening to the commentaries made me take it down off the shelf, despite Matthew McConaughey's evil glare.

Am listening to peppy Beatles songs as I write this. Buying the music of my youth right now strikes me as essentially buying bright orange flotation devices.

Oh, and I recently discovered--this will be of true interest to three of you at most--that a Half-Price Books is opening soon right down the road from me. I mean, right down the road, across from the front door of my building, a distance of no more than thirty or forty yards. I'm gleamy-eyed with anticipation already.

Have done the IHOP ritual, am ignoring my laundry, am avoiding writing--it must be the weekend.


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