Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


I had to lock my last, innocuous post, because the mention of nail clipping suddenly struck me as disturbing and out of place.

I can't get these lines I'm writing to justify the way I want them too, which is obsessive and mental. And the rhythms and slant rhymes of my sentences are freaking me out, too. And all the words.

Also, I just read this really creepy rape story that I found mentioned on a badfic thread, and it was horrible beyond belief--I think I'm a bit traumatized--and yet I understand the psychological bent that helped create it better than I understand a lot of people's fucked heads.

I can't seem to answer any of my e-mail today or focus my brain on anything.

I feel very disconnected from everything.

I keep editing this to hide my thoughts.

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