Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

dead head

Oh. My. God. How much do I want to kill the biz dev fruitcakes I work with? Ask me! ASK ME! A hell of a lot is how much. We've progressed--no, I'm sorry, we've regressed--from, "I'm going to give you content to throw on the site at the last minute before launch," to, "Here's some content, and ohbytheway, this client has already launched." With broken links to pages that don't exist.

I want my Ultimate 70s Collection CDs to come. All day I've been playing CDs I've owned for years and for some reason they're all striking me wrong. There's a tulip dying on my desk, and I had wasabi for lunch, on some overpriced shrimp rolls. I feel that I should just string these things together without explanation. Perhaps this entry should just read in its entirety:

Business, bad music, wasabi, dying tulip.

It's like a poem. A poem of my headache.

I need some fannish content, stat.

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