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cesperanza has cool things to say about stories and authors and transparency, which I find fascinating and quite agree with, while at the same time worrying--as I have been for quite some time--about how intrusive my own authorial presence might be.


Ehhhhhh. I don't even know why I'm still watching this show. I feel bad to admit it, but: I'm so over it. I was in the fandom largely so that I could stay in synch with my feverish friends. Now, I'm finding it hard to even keep up with eps as they air. I should *not* be feeling that way when we're hitting the home stretch! Maybe I'll become re-invested next year, of course; it's always possible, especially since the keystone of my viewing, Buffy, will be gone.

Though as runpunkrun says, "They've got me to the point where I'm yelling Clark shouldn't perform CPR on anybody but Lex! and being completely serious about it." I felt that way too tonight. The stuff with Lana felt very deliberate and back-lashy, as if they're trying to counter the slashy zeitgeist, and it pissed me off. And you know, I want to say that the final scene redeemed it for me, but I feel manipulated, like they're trying to shove all this inane, ratings-sucking crap down my throat and then appease me with "edgy" clone scenes.

I can't recall the ep, but there was this moment, a while back, when I felt that Lana and Clark were finally through--it was a scene in the Talon--and it felt as if Clark had had an adult breakthrough moment where he recognized there was no more possibility to get anywhere with Lana, and it really got to me, hard, I was like: "Yeah! That's pure beauty!" And the very next ep, he was applying for a job at the Talon to be closer to her, and ever since then it's just back to square one, and status quo, and it sucks. They do some things so fucking well, in moving the myth-arc along, and then they get bogged down in their Lana obsession. It's just...sad. And stupid.


Kill. Me. Now.

runpunkrun has some cool icons, though, I must say.


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