Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

BtVS: Touched


I don't have a lot to say, because I am kind of dazed with the aftershocks and the settling. I think I need to wait a year or so and watch this again.

I don't know if I could have written "Subtleties" if I'd seen this first. Because...Buffy + Spike 4-evah! Okay, I'm a big maple-headed sap. But there was so much sweetness there.

Of course, herself_nyc is right and JM's (and thus Spike's) face has changed. Spike should look exactly as he did in S2, the eternal Lost Boy--the Dick Clark of boyfriends--and it's a sad reality that he doesn't. Oh well. In my mind's eye he is eternally young and twinkly.

Maybe it's the fact that the show is ending, but *everything* feels self-conscious and I can't tell anymore how much of that is just me and how much is the show. I think it's the show, but it's hard to blame them. It's damn fucking hard to go out with a bang after seven years. Andrew, I feel ehhhh about. Faith/Wood is very lovely and satisfying in the abstract, even if their bed-rolling scenes seemed overly choreographed. In a similar manner: Anya & Xander = forced. Sigh. And I'm not entirely happy with the ice-cream eating. It's just a...a thing of mine. Food as foreplay is just Not Good. I know they're probably going for some kind of characterization continuity, but I wish they'd done something else.

This ep seemed rather bizarrely edited, in terms of acts. Acts one and two as we hit commercials--WTF? Random observation.

Andrew coming back from the trip: someone shut him up, please? Spike, defending Buffy, fighting Faith: yeah, I had happy moments. Then finding her with fanonical sniffing! Vampire scenting abilities! Oh. Dear. Lord.

"A footnote in history." Heh. Very fan-fictiony feel to *all* of that--Spike and Andrew in the church, the fall-out of their return, Spike speechifying first in defense of Buffy and then declaring his selfless love for her. It felt like ME was trying hard to please the fans. I don't automatically assume that's a bad thing. As I said, I think I need a year or so to reflect on this.

There wasn't a lot of plot advancement in this ep, except that we find out Buffy was right, and Faith et al are wrong, wrong, wrong. Huh. I need to rewatch at some point and listen harder to what Andrew tells them, because it's rather interesting that his intel doesn't lead them in the right direction.

Really, this ep was all about sex. And I liked Kennedy's tongue stud--I was like, "HA HA! TONGUE STUD!" It cracked me up. I was surprised to learn that they hadn't done the deed before, but that's pretty cool.

I'm just realizing how out of order all of these observations are, but...oh well.

Buffy fighting for, um, the first time *ever* as if she's Trinity in The Matrix...huh. I've got to say: not really getting the point of that. Honestly, a lot of this season just doesn't add up for me. I was thinking over lunch today of how Giles has become a scary, scary guy, willing to murder Spike--Spike with *soul*--at the drop of a hat. Add into that Dawn kicking Buffy out of the house and Caleb, who has not been satisfactorily explained, and the weird mish-mash of continuity and time and everything...and I'm kind of lost. I have been going on the assumption that it's just a fast-and-loose kind of season and not some kind of master-planned masterpiece. I think that with two eps left, there's no real hope of having all this tied up in a bright bow.

Confusing. But I'm sure that by 2010 this will all make more sense.

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