Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

nap time

I just spent far too long looking for an old post I'd made on the question of source appropriation from television shows versus appropriation from other fans--it seemed at least tangentially relevant to the Grey Day discussion, and would've allowed me to seem eeriely prescient, which is always nice. But I couldn't find it.

So instead, I'll just let elynross talk about that.

Also, carolyn_claire rants real good.

Skimming back over my old posts was kind of disconcerting. Apparently, for ninety-five percent of any given day, I am:
  • Tired.
  • Bored.
  • Hungry.
  • Angsting about writing.
  • Apologizing for how boring my posts are.
  • Making strange little noises along the lines of "Er," "Heh," and "Hmmm."
Something to think about, yeahhhh.

Lunch now.

This has been a representative post, expressing the opinions and personality of this station. No animals were hurt in the making of this post, but I intend to eat some cow for lunch.

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