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As I look back over the last several posts I've made, I'm kind of awed by their boringness. Up next! News on my cuticles!

lovebytez talks about her birthday bash and dredges up memories of old Atari games. I think I used to be addicted to Yar's Revenge, but maybe it was Breakout. Am not sure which. I also played some game where you reached various levels of accomplishment represented by vegetables. Bok choy, for instance. I miss Atari. It's one of the few things that made the early eighties bearable. Games were simpler then, and more lunatic. Bok choy--why try to improve on that?

Speaking of pointless "improvements," will I ever forgive CGI for what it's doing to movies? I mean, in small, skillful does, fine. But I had to sit through three minutes of promo trailer for The Hulk the other day, and Jesus God, the crack these Hollywood feebs are smoking must be some strong shit. And someone somewhere has truly incriminating photos of Ang Lee doing naughty things with hamsters, hoses, and peanut butter. That's really the only explanation for his choice of directorial vehicle. In case this is news to anyone: the Hulk of this film is a no-necked, lumbering cartoon monster that flings itself like the spring-loaded product of somene's alcoholic dementia through otherwise cinematically real scenes. It is painful and jaw-dropping to behold, and watching the trailer, I felt the awe anyone would feel that a multi-million dollar project could make it through so many layers of production without someone raising their hand and saying: "Hey, sanity check--I think this was actually pitched as an April Fool's joke."

I liked the TV series; it was one of those terrifyingly formative shows. Haunting music, sad-eyed doctor, fits of rage, etc. I tried to convince A. that my preferences made me a purist, but she said: uh, no. Because apparently in the comics, which came first, the Hulk could leap through the air for miles at a time with his super-strong leg muscles.

This is sad and wrong.

All these opinions I have lately on stuff. It's kind of disconcerting.


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