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It's late. I'm bored and nearly ready for bed--but not quite. I'm in that twilight mental fog where I'm not alert enough to write fiction, not quite tired enough to sleep. Yes, it is that hour when dumb LJ posts are born.

I didn't think I'd do this one but I'm making the effort, really for my own sake. I need to figure out some new CDs to buy. Plus it's an excuse to listen to music. To hell with quotas. I've stretched this meme all out of whack.

I'm so middle of the road, I could lie down on the dotted line and the semis would roll right on by me.

1. Songs you hate to admit you like.

"Seduces Me" -- Celine Dion
"Grease" -- Frankie Valli
"Xanadu" -- Olivia Newton-John
"Hopelessly Devoted To You" -- Olivia Newton-John
"I Want You to Want Me" -- Cheap Trick
"Brandy" -- Looking Glass
"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" -- Elton John/Kiki Dee
"Live and Let Die" -- Guns N' Roses
"White Boys" -- Nell Carter, et al

2. Songs that always make you cry.

"Lean on Me" -- Bill Withers
"Let the Sunshine In" -- from Hair
"How Can I Keep From Singing?" -- Enya
"Hero" -- Chad Kroeger

3. Songs that turn you on.

"Texas Flood" -- Stevie Ray Vaughn
"Lenny" -- Stevie Ray Vaughn
"Kick the Stones" -- Chris Whitley
"Feelin' Love" -- Paula Cole
"The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game" -- Massive Attack

4. Songs that always make you feel good.

"Proud Mary" -- Ike & Tina Turner
"California" -- Joni Mitchell
"Some Kind of Wonderful" -- Grand Funk
"Don't Bring Me Down" -- ELO
"I Will Survive" -- Gloria Gaynor
"Makin' Whoopee" -- Dr. John & Rickie Lee Jones
"Country Roads" -- John Denver
"Solsbury Hill" -- Peter Gabriel
"Kind & Generous" -- Natalie Merchant
"Late in the Evening" -- Paul Simon
"Gonna Make You Sweat" -- C+C Music Factory
"Smooth" -- Santana
"Steve McQueen" -- Sheryl Crow
"Some Fantastic" -- Barenaked Ladies
"Uniform Grey" -- Sarah Harmer
"Superstition / You Haven't Done Nothin' / Living for the City" -- Stevie Wonder
"Sailin' Shoes / Hey Julia / Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley" -- Robert Palmer
"Lady Marmalade" -- from Moulin Rouge
The Beatles

5. Songs you couldn't ever do without.

"Daniel" -- Elton John
"Long Train Runnin' -- Doobie Brothers
"Woodstock" -- Joni Mitchell
"Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald" -- Gordon Lightfoot
"Northwest Passage" -- Stan Rogers
"As Time Goes By" -- Dooley Wilson
"Amelia" -- Joni Mitchell, Pat Metheny
"Possession" -- Sarah McLachlan
"Fraser/Inuit Soliloquy" -- Paul Gross
"Dief's in Love -- Jay Semko, et al
"Days Go By" -- Dirty Vegas
"Fumbling Toward Ecstasy" -- Sarah McLachlan
"40 Miles from the Sun" -- Bush
"Alive" -- Pearl Jam
"Aquarius" -- from Hair
"Bridge Over Troubled Water" -- Simon & Garfunkel
Astral Weeks -- Van Morrison

6. Songs I grew up on:

"Desperado" -- Eagles
"Take It To The Limit" -- Eagles
"Long Cool Woman" -- The Hollies
"Brown Eyed Girl" -- Van Morrison
"Drift Away" -- Doobie Brothers
"Southern Cross" -- Crosby, Stills, & Nash
"Dream Weaver" -- Gary Wright
"Knock On Wood" -- Amii Stewart
"Yellow Brick Road" -- Elton John
"Rocket Man" -- Elton John
"Bennie and the Jets" -- Elton John
"You're So Vain" -- Carly Simon
"American Pie" -- Don McLean
"Blinded By The Light" -- Manfred Mann's Earth Band
"Shakin'" -- Eddie Money
"MacArthur Park" -- Donna Summer
"I Feel The Earth Move" -- Carole King
"Beautiful" -- Carole King
"Tempted" -- Squeeze

7. Fannish and miscellaneous songs.

"I'll Be" -- Edwin McCain
"Seven Bridges" -- Lowen & Navarro
"Kryptonite" -- 3 Doors Down
"Never Die Young" -- Lori McKenna
"By Way of Sorrow" -- Cry, Cry, Cry
"Hanging by a Moment" -- Lifehouse
"Uninvited" -- Alanis Morissette
"Every Me Every You" -- Placebo
"I Know" -- Jude
"Lucky" -- Bif Naked
"I Can't Take My Eyes Off You" -- Melanie Doane
"Not a Virgin" -- Poe
"How You Remind Me" -- Nickelback
"Motorcycle Drive By" -- Third Eye Blind
"Raven In The Storm" -- John Gorka
"Man of Constant Sorrow" -- Dan Tyminski, et al
"Give Me One Reason" -- Tracy Chapman

Have been meaning to re-rec tightropegirl, who is lately making many interesting posts on writing for Hollywood. She is neat-o. (She's much more than that, but it's frickin' 1:00 a.m. here and I'm no longer articulate. In fact, I am pudding.)

I saw the X-Men sequel and loved it, and that's really all I have to say about that.

Rented the first three eps of the American Queer as Folk on DVD and watched some of it tonight--was partway into the second ep, I think, before I turned the TV off for the night. I tried to go in with an open mind, I really did, but the first ep in particular lifts heavily from the British version and the comparisons were inevitable, painful, and many. Americans. We are so very unsubtle. I am feeling rather insanely evangelical about British QAF lately--I keep wanting to shake the world and say: Damn it, Jim, can't you see? Can't you see what's right in front of you? (Apparently in my missionary zeal, I sound a lot like Doctor McCoy.) God. The British version just flows so naturally, without any self-consciousness, whereas the American ep is all anvils and asscheeks as it screams, "Look at us! Look how Very Gay we are! No, really! Gay! Yes, that's us! Tra la la! See our gayness?!"

I'm being mean. I know many people like it better, and that's cool. "Except, of course, in this case when I am clearly right and you are clearly wrong." And thus I will continue to feel snobbish and protective of Stuart and Vince and Nathan until you pry their spotted dicks from my cold dead hands.

Tra la la.

Other people's writerly anxieties make me anxious. And yet must admit that I got caught up in rereading Subtleties tonight, in its new storylike format, and was rather surprisingly pleased with it. Of course, the post-publishing cringe is still scheduled for, oh, about three months from now. These things take time. A good authorial funk--like a fine whine--must be allowed time to mature and ripen.

Why the hell am I still up? God. Bed.
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