Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

site updates

Boring Post Alert! Boringness to follow!

I've updated my X/S page--it actually has a new URL, and there's a redirect on the old one. The new URL is:

I've added links to Closure & Subtleties.

I've put Subtleties into story format. I'm still working on it. It needs spellchecking, and I may italicize it and put links along the top to the sections. I wish I could find a way to separate each section better so that there's some sense of elapsed time--more white space? Some kind of gif? I could break it up into separate pages, one for each section, but (a) I'm lazy, and (b) I like a printer-friendly version. And before you say I could do it *both* ways, let me point you back to (a) I'm lazy. Also, my web site storage space is getting pricey, so I try to avoid making extra pages. But if anyone has any formatting ideas, let me know.

I was thinking about setting up an alerts list for the S/X the way I have for noir, but the noir one is seeing so little use, that it feels stupid for me to make another list. I haven't ruled it out. Not sure yet.

Am off now for IHOP & X-Men with A.

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