Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Angel: Peace Out

My somewhat tipsy commentary. Random. Utterly random, with sentence fragments, and with odd emphases in places.

Jasmine Flunky: "You mean 'or', right? *Or* you'll crush my windpipe?"

Man, loving Connor this ep. Can't help it. Pretty, confused dyke-boy. He is the dark K.D. Lang of my Jasmiverse. So, why did he see the real Jasmine all along, though? What's so special about him--his nature--that her real face was always apparent, even without the revelation of her blood?

Connor's sense of smell, as a genetic heritage of vampire parents: it's interesting, how much more of a plot point they tend to make it for him, versus how rarely it's a plot point for vampires themselves (e.g., Angel, Spike, et al).

Wes: scruffy-haired and pale and Socratic. Pretty man.

Side Note: Commercials are far more interesting if you're listening to "Sing Sing Sing" on headphones. And everything in the universe is synchronized to the beat.

Angel with the bug people: not caring. In fact, my not caring is reaching new heights, somewhere up there where the WTC top floor used to be.

But it's interesting, the buggy commentary on Connor's birth (how the fuck do they know this stuff, anyway, these other-dimensional guys?), that he was "merely a means to an end," to bring forth "the blessed chi." Huh.

Um, Jasmine--dependent on Cordy? Whaaaaaatever. How much more can you people pull out your ass? Because it must be getting painful.

The happy-dippy cops. Okay, fuck me. I have to admit, I love them. Their big stupid grins, their mellow violence. Going back to Connor's special nose powers, though--how did he track her, exactly? I, um, cop to it. I wasn't paying close attention.

Cordy as religious artifact: I guess when you're pregnant, you really get a break from your usual actorly responsibilities.

Cordy as Virgin Mom...oh, what*ever*.

Um, not really fully empathizing with Connor's angst, despite my love for him. You would think that, okay, here's a guy who came from a Hell dimension, can see Jasmine as what she really is and find her maggoty self beautiful, and then condemn the A.I. team (as represented by Angel) for, as he sees it, their desire for a dark enemy to fight. He wants to *rest*? Right. Except that he's *all* about fighting. He acts it out in every single gesture and word: that he wants a foe, and a lady to knight for. So they're going to try and convince us he's resentful of this in others? That he doesn't get it?

But he goes on about how Jasmine is purging the world's hate and anger--and when he voices those words you can hear his own rough, raging anger, and he says, "But not me!" He's resentful, of course. He wants a slice of that peace. And there's the interesting question--why is Connor's angst special? Why does he retain his misery when no one else does? Because he was raised elsewhere? Hmmm.

Cordy's comatose glory: hmmm. Tummy!

Jasmine's disciple, Patience--she reminds me of Glenne Headly!

Jasmine's World Debut: Okay, give us a slice of Sunnydale, so we know what the fuck's going on, okay?

"Although, a temple would be nice--something massive and awe-inspiring, yet warm and nurturing, celebrating the gentle pleasures of a peaceful, precious co-existence..." Heh. Oh, *HI*, Angel! Wow. That was actually fucking unexpected. I have to admit, I'm glad we didn't wallow for a few more eps in boring insect-world plotitude.

Ha! Gunn kicks out the door! I love him. "I just want my props, is all." And yet, how come Angelus didn't kick out the door a few eps earlier? Continuity is a cowering bitch, chained to the chairs of arrogant writers.

I'm just saying.

Wow. I actually feel a bit sorry for Jasmine when she falls. That's bad and wrong. Except for the sadness that is Connor, racing to serve his daughter when she calls. There's something fucked about that if you really go to a father-daughter place, where the relationship is purely nominal, lacking the bonds of time and maturation. Connor's desperation is sad. Jasmine's fall, however, is weirdly anticlimactic, even granting tha it's her "son" who kills her.

Interesting stuff, out there on the L.A. Freeway.

Jasmine: "There are no absolutes. No right and wrong. Haven't you learned anything working for the Powers? There are only choices. I offered Paradise. You chose this!"

Angel: "Because I could. Because that's what you took away from us. Choice."

Jasmine: "And look where free will has gotten you."

Angel: "Hey. I didn't say we were smart. I said it's our right. It's what makes us human."

Jasmine: "But you're not human!"

Angel: "Workin' on it."

Mmmm. Going to the Spike place. A little cross-canon happiness.

Angel's attempt at rapport with Jasmine is weird, though. That's all I have to say. And Jasmine tosses back the very accurate accusation that Angel has eaten people and Angel says, "Thousands of people are dead because of what you've done." Like Angel hasn't eaten thousands of people. Also, here's what I want to know--Jasmine was out to stop war, poverty, etc. WHY? If she's evil, then WTF? Why would she want to stop all of that? I am Confused. Capital C.

Jasmine and Angel, kissing in a tree? What's *that* about?

Connor's sudden murder. WHOA. FUCK ME! Also confusing. What's the word for killing your daughter, anyway? There's a something-cide there, I'm sure. And Angel, saying: "I'm just happy to have you." Um, hell-O? What does *that* mean, you big undead weirdo? If it's not vaguely incestuous, it's still passing strange.

Lorne's jeans: DIS-turbing. I know you all agree. Thanks for your support!

Lilah? Okay, yeah. Lilah is cool. And yet, one must ponder: the *hell*?

And, *all* the A.I. team: pretty much non-entities this ep. Yes? Yes? It's not just me, right?

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