Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

spander throughout history

It occurs to me that if you want to understand the attraction of Xander/Spike (or Xander/almost anyone, even), you need only look to Cyrano de Bergerac. Or, Roxanne, the cool Steve Martin take on that story. Granted, Xander isn't disfigured in any way, but when set among the luminous stars of Hollywood Sunnydale, the Zeppo is the big-nosed man. The underdog, the fool. And there's something wonderful about the idea of the flashy prince--Spike--falling for the goofball, suddenly seeing him, all his intrinsic worth and character and goodness.

I love that final scene in Roxanne when she tells Charlie how much she loves him, nose and all. Actually, I love that whole movie, and you should go rent it if you've never seen it.

And stay out of the sun! It's evil!

Our PSAs for today, brought to you by Weetabix and Mrs. Olson's O-Positive Juice Drinks!


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