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Went with A. to see Identity last night.

So, huh. I guess I should note for the record that I don't like movies that gyp me by changing from a real to an unreal premise midstream. Three examples that pissed me off: Jeepers Creepers, A Beautiful Mind, Identity. Voila, a trend.

This one started to lose its coherence around the time we discovered that daddy--the guy who got hit with the truck--had a room key. And then the car blew up. And all the bodies disappeared. I was sad to see the other movie go. The one with the potentially *interesting* explanation for why all those people were there. Buh-bye, I said.

Also, the old device of revealing the killer and then showing how they killed everyone is pretty lame if it's both impossible and unreal.

The rewind effect of the opening scenes--where we jump back to show how scene B caused scene C, and scene A caused scene B--was interesting, though ultimately just empty style, flashy candy, and not an integral narrative device, as in Memento, the movie this so desperately wanted to be.

After the movie, we went to a trattoria and had a truly wonderful amount of food. For appetizers, bruschetta with a variety of toppings--tomatoes, ricotta, and olive tapenade, which I kept mispronouncing as "ta-PEN-day"--and toasted bread with roasted garlic cloves, and then I had a Caprese salad--mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, salt & pepper--that they rather pointlessly put lettuce under, and for an entree some kind of fettuccine artichoke dish that could have fed China and which I barely made a dent in--it *still* could have fed China when I was done--and chocolate mousse cake for dessert.

Later, I came back and wanted to try out my new DVD player, so I tried to rent Brit QAF, which they only had on VHS, the lame-oids. Crap copy, too. Only the first half was watchable. But my god, it was as good as I remembered. Stuart Alan Jones: accept no substitutes. Holy fuck. Those eyes, that smile, that catlike stalk. Stuart and Nathan together--the hotness of them is not to be believed. And the bit where Stuart snags those *two* guys from the club and takes them home--and the look he gives Vince right before he does. And the way he questions Nathan about his age. And the way he stalks that totally undeserving guy at his OFFICE. Fuck me. And Nathan, that cutie--the way he moves through his school like he's cock of the walk after he gets laid for the first time. Yes, I'm so incoherent with lust that all my sentences are fragmenting. They're both arrogant, they're both assholes, and they're both utterly beyond words adorable. (Um. I like Vince, too. He is the Xander.) And this is a crazy world gone wrong where the video store shelves stock thirty copies of *American* QAF, and the clerk says, "British version? That's funny, you're the second person today to ask. I'd never heard of it before!"


I also rented Darkness Falls, which has Emma Caulfield. Haven't finished watching yet, but will say, Emma: very, very good. Movie: very, very bad.

In previews there was lame-ass shit like S.W.A.T. (theater), and National Security (rental), both of which look excruciating. I was reminded by the end of the evening that these four guys desperately need better agents and film vehicles: Steve Zahn, John Cusack, Colin Farrell, and Owen Wilson.

We also saw previews for Pirates of the Caribbean, which cracked our shit up as soon as Johnny Depp's kohled eyes came into view. The Charlie's Angels sequel is a must-see, of course. (Anna said without irony.) Girls in spandex! Exploding things! Seventies kitsch! I am so there.

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