Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


The bile rises on fandom_wank on the current feedback issue.

Mental notes for the day: avoid people who seem inclined to hate people like me, friends of me, me. Resign self to the likelihood that there might be people who hate me without reason, and some who probably have reasonable reasons. Prepare to be mocked and have ego poked at with sticks, merely for having an ego at all, and possibly for lame attempts to be funny now and then. And for having opinions. And for being fallible.

Also note, it's probably a good idea to avoid ego death.

LiveJournal is wilder and scarier than a comment-free blog. Like a frontier town of rhetoric, where at any moment you could walk out the saloon door and find yourself engaged in a shoot-out, or maybe just get hit by a random bullet. I jump and tremble at every sharp noise. I'm a complete pussy. I'll probably last three months.
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