Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

the wonder of birds

I bought the book microserfs to read at lunch, which I may regret, and had a grinder made by the Grand Central Bakery, which is one of the seven wonders of the world Pioneer Square, and then came back and watched laurashapiro's and Morgan Dawn's new RayK/Fraser vid "The Wonder of Birds," which I don't really have any words to describe, as during lunch my brain was apparently replaced bite by bite with salami. You use a word like "beautiful" to describe a vid and it can only sound lame, but there's no way to convey the leaping uplift, the feeling beating upwards like wings as love between two people rises--and it sounds "romantic," but instead it's exhilarating, sharp like snow.

I am still so very tired. I'm about to have a one-on-one with my manager and will be trying to figure out what her current perception of me is--the precise temperature of her appreciation--so that I can decide whether or not to ask for the rest of the day off. Our team just got a minor reorg. Two of our tech guys were reassigned elsewhere. It's pretty much a good thing for all concerned, but it reminds me yet again of just how fundamentally unstable this place is. In the same way that Seattle is earthquake prone, our company can seem settled, but then one day, wham, you're going to get shaken up. It's inevitable.

Someone seems to have magnetized my desk so that it picks up any stray office debris from the Asian market across the street. Wasabi peanuts, Japanese lantern, Hello Kitty balloon.

The wasabi peanuts look a bit like Trix. It'd be kind of funny to mix some in with young Johnny's breakfast cereal. Or maybe I could make them into a necklace.


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