Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


I can't believe it's just quarter to ten. It feels like three in the morning.

Have been drinking heavily today and was thinking about various Buffyish things and realized for the first time that Giles, Xander, and Spike--arguably, *all* of BtVS's primary male characters--have been presented suggestively as borderline alcoholics, or at least having a huge potential for it. Definitely heavy drinkers whenever faced with personal problems.

Of course, maybe there's not a wide selection of dysfunctional behaviors to saddle prime-time characters with. Self-mutilation, promiscuous behavior, heavy drug use--these are hard-core, whereas drinking is legal, commonplace, and easily understood as a vehicle of vice.

And it's clear, I think, that all the BtVS regulars are heavily fucked-up by their Hellmouth history, and stagger around under a weight of accrued pain, more or less bereft of close ties--at least ones that are peaceful and grounded in something other than shared trauma. I mean, aside from the guys, there's also Willow, whose magical addiction arc is a clear metaphor for alcoholism (echoed in a minor key by Amy); Buffy, whose S6 Spike relationship also plays like addiction; Riley and the vamp suckage; Dawn, with her kleptomania; Anya and her twin obsessions of money and sex (though she's by far the weakest example, I know), and so on.

Tara was arguably the only sane person on the Hellmouth Clean-Up Crew, the only one who managed to maintain emotional and psychological stability, and look what they did to her. Poor, lovely bitch.


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