Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

this is so gorram wrong.

Am v.v. tired, but can't sleep. Since it's Friday, see me sigh and give up attempt. Am going to scribble sxy stuff. SXy stuff. ::pauses, looks at that again, sighs, gives up on that too::

Watched this last night with S., who also hadn't seen it. I had managed to avoid all spoilers. However, I'd known from the general flavor of headers, non-spoily comments, fic requests, icons, etc, that there was some Spike/Faith interaction. When everyone started squeeing "Spaith!" I sighed and thought: how predictable. I didn't expect to get much out of it, because Faith: not really my gal.

Oh. My. Holy. CHRIST. I think S. and I made sounds pitched beyond the range of dogs for the duration of that entire scene. That long, long, amazingly *long* scene that I can't really talk about because the area of my brain in which that memory is stored is now only a melted, fused mass of circuitry, with a few tiny operational cells left gibbering to themselves.

Jesus. JESUS CHRIST. Could they *be* any cuter? Could Spike *be* any more edible? I want to suck him down like a popsicle, head-first all the way down to his pretty feet, crunch him and swallow his nice bones, devour him the way a big snake devours a small mammal, with my jaw unhinged.

Yes. Anyway. That's all I have to say.

Oh, and the rest of the ep was interesting too. I may even have thoughts on it later. No, wait--one more thought: XANDER! I gasped. I wailed. Several times. That charred what little was left of my cerebral cortext.

And now I understand that icon with Xander the eye-patched--or is he just squinting?--pirate: my fandom understands irony. Oh, man. Poor sweet guy.

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