Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

hey,'s the end of the day.

Went and got DVD player number three. Looks good, I think. Thank Christ. My friend A. drove me and we had dinner (Oh, Olive Garden! Your commercials are pretentious! Your food, relatively tasty!) and laughed like loons over every last thing. Much fun. Came home, watched Angel. No comments from me yet. Too sleepy.

Too sleepy to really want to write, which is sad, because I suspect I'll kick myself tomorrow. My mind won't jump-start on anything, though.

I did reply to a recent comment by writing some thoughts on the idea of love, vis-a-vis the spander stuff, thoughts which--I'm just telling you--everyone has to go read, because it took me fifty million billion tries to edit it down to a length that LJ would accept, and fuck, I need maximum value for my efforts, okay? Go read!

Y'all are too kind. :)

Want to write, want to sleep, want to write, want to sleep, want to...zzzzzzz.


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