Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


I stayed up past five this morning, unable to stop writing, and then I got up again around ten and wrote some more. I want to answer people's comments but I am monstrously dopey right now. I was planning to at least say a few words here about the fascination of writing at such a quick pace, but even as I type this I realize I am in fact *too* dopey to get my thoughts out.

Edited the last entry slightly as I feared Spike's nominal girlishness might have been taken more seriously than intended. Was really meant to be mostly a Xander joke. (Sing with me: "I enjoy being a girl!") Whore Spike: so very *not* a femme. I hope. Oh well. As long as people are enjoying it. Heh.

I rather desperately want to sleep, but can't drop off.


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