Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Heh--no, wait--meh. Meh.

The weather is extraordinarily mild and beautiful, but nonetheless as I was coming home I had, for some reason, a premonition of summer--heat, discomfort, hayfever--and now I feel groggier and even more gross. But it's also my head, my drippy, miserable nose...the entire left side of my face, to be honest. Gah. And the skin of my face is as raw as it can be. And now, an ode to medicine:

Canadian Mist, Canadian Mist!
You make me blissed, Canadian Mist!
I can't resist! I won't desist! till I am pissed
and the fairies, the fairies, the fairies my head.

Or something like that.

Yes, that seems immensely humorous to me right now. Now go away.

No, wait--read my spam first:

RE: Angelas This is a great time to Refinance Your Home Loan doul

For some reason--Canadian Mist! Canadian Mist!--the closeness of that to "Angelus" and "DOOUL" is also very funny to me.

Oh hey, Charmed is on.


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