Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

I'm distracting myself...

I can't focus. My post-op nose and throat, combined with my tiredness, mimic the symptoms of a cold. I'm snuffly and sore-throated, cloggy and foggy, and exceedingly pissy, like a cat with wet fur. Just picture a bedraggled cat, slit-eyed and evil, stalking around--possibly with something sticky on the pad of one foot so that every now and then it pauses to gesture rudely--and that is me.

On the upside, I yowled at my biz people for giving me a ridiculously short turn-around on an editorial request, and my page count for today has been cut in half, which is as it should be.

I *am* blowing my nose, damn it.

My stomach makes strange moaning noises--not of hunger, but of surfeit--sounding like a sick, tiny cow is trapped in there. Stupid gut.

It's TWO o'CLOCK. (Nearly.) How can it be TWO o'CLOCK?

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