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Small Jazz

This morning, getting off my bus, I noticed a plaque bearing this short story:
In Case of Emergency:

Break Cover
Turn Lover
Open Doors
Then I realized that "lover" was actually "lever," partially obscured. I like the original version better. It's concise, poetic, and romantic. Could be a Krycek story, though "turn lover" sounds rather vampiric, so maybe it's an elliptical Spike and Xander tale.

I was slightly late to the bus because I had a tour of the WAC this morning, the Washington Athletic Club. I'm thinking of joining. It's kind of expensive; the monthly rates aren't that bad, considering, but there's a ridiculously high initial membership fee designed like a speedbump to deter low-class joyriders. I'm still kind of ambivalent about joining, but at the end of the tour, the member services gal told me there'd be a series of committee reviews, including a credit check, and I thought: fuck. And as soon as my prospects for approval lowered, my desire to be approved predictably and immediately rose. I have no idea what my credit history looks like right now, but I suspect it's spotty. If I do get turned down, it might be for the best--maybe I'd be better off ramping up at a more casual thirty-bucks-a-month body shop.

Buffy Babble. Spoilers for "Showtime."

Haven't thought much about Buffy since I switched off the TV last night. It's sad that the first thought I had on first seeing Spike was: "Oh god, will someone please give him a shirt?" Well, it was actually more like: "Oh, the crowd-pleasing pan across the artfully bared chest of Marsters. Obvious much?" They're giving him squat to do these past three eps or so. What the fuck? I'm glad he was finally sprung from the joint. I'd like to see how he plays off against all the little squeeing slayers in training. Though, based on what I've seen of the SLITs to date, I may have to cringe and avert my eyes. They're a grating bunch, which is sad, because I love the concept and it should be much better in execution. The interaction between them and the Scoobies has been strained and awkward, though. Of course, I'm finding everything strained and awkward lately. Like last night when Xander asked Buffy whether Willow can handle a dose of magic--right in front of Willow and everyone else.

Other random thoughts:

  • Weighing in on Andrew, he irritated me last night. His line-whining is only effective when used as comic relief against Jonathan and Warren, who riff back with practiced ease. In this ep, he reached a fever pitch of unfunny.
  • Do I really want to see a romance between Willow and Kennedy? No. I think it's way too soon given the scale of Willow's grief. It's what, seven months since she tried to destroy the world, but because it's a new season, by the laws of TV Land, she must move forward or die, like a little Wicca shark. I'd make a jump-the-shark joke here, but it just depresses me.
  • On the other hand, as someone else said, not many of the characters are really moving forward. The story arc is barely creeping ahead and we've seen no significant characterization arcs for several episodes.
  • It's just too tiresome to point out the stupid plot tricks, isn't it? And everyone else has already done it for me. From this point on, one can simply say "Thunderdome" and "telepathy" and reference a communal fannish pain.
  • I kept getting hit on the head by falling chunks of exposition. I think I need to take shelter next time I tune in. The capper was when we stopped the show entirely--sound of a needle sliding across a record--so that we could revisit previous scenes with the equivalent of diagrams and subtitles, all designed to spell out in simple language the kind of plot filler that is better left undeveloped in a 45-minute TV show, and which really we couldn't care less about, especially when it interrupts actual, foregrounded action. It's pretty sad when I start drawing comparisons to "Charmed" as I'm watching "Buffy." The end times draw nigh.
  • The last minute was the only truly enjoyable part of the show, and even then it was off, because Buffy shouldn't have just stood there like that with an ambiguous expression and a big knife in her hand. She should have immediately gone to Spike and cut him loose, with a slightly urgent and reluctantly concerned air. Instead, the stupid plot trick defined her reaction, allowing Spike to suspect her of being the First.

Honestly, I wasn't very engaged last night, and even parts that seemed intented to lighten the tone worked my nerves, like the Giles/Anya scenes. I must rewatch when I'm in a better mood. Say, 2005. I also wonder if rewatching the past handful of eps in a marathon might help, since they're designed to run in close, consecutive fashion.

Things I want to see, going forward:

  • A wary and uneasy Spike immersed in a tribble-pile of curious slayer-bees.
  • Xander defending Spike against personal attack.
  • Buffy and Spike living ambiguously ever after. Or maybe Spike and Xander. Or Buffy and Xander. Oh, I don't really give a fuck.
  • Giles/Anya. It's seeming rather more plausible. In fact, I predict they'll be riding off into the sunset together by the end of season.
  • A plot development. You know, an interesting one. That'd be cool.

And in other news, this is my last day at work before four straight days off. I intend to write. No, really. My goal is to finish the next noir and post by Sunday evening. Knock on wood.

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