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09 April 2003 @ 10:04 pm
Angel: Shiny Happy People  

Not at all coherent. Written in real time on my laptop....

The hour of recording Angel starts out badly: I am holding the tape in my hands. It has three previous episodes on it. It is IN MY HANDS. I walk here, I walk there, and then I am standing in front of the VCR, ready to pop my tape in.

And it has utterly vanished.

God-DAMN it. There are no words to describe my ongoing mental anguish.

Oh well. We begin.

Lorne: "You shifted gender pronouns, sweetheart. Not that I'm judging." Heh.

Hello, Fred. Miss Exposition 2003.

Fred: Are you still evilish? Because I'm confused.

Angel on Cordy: "No. She's not dead. She's just resting." Bwah. (But what happened to the certainty of her death or coma if she gave birth to what she carried?)

Shiny Happy Angel. Hee. Dad and son Love! And crazy talk! "Since we've all been saved!"

Wes and Gunn in matching goo-covered coveralls, dismembering Skip. There's a niggling resonance, a vibe I get off their outfits--I'm sensing shout-out big time, but I don't know what it is. Some obscure geekboy movie, no doubt.

The spontaneous kneeling! Heh. ...hmm. Wes doesn't kneel right away. Innnnnteresting.

"Eternal bliss. It suits her."
"Cordelia must be so happy."

Ewww. Creepy kneeling around Cordy's bedroom with the candles and the unpregnant Coma Diva.

"The Earth became a demon realm." Hmm.

"Neither demon nor god..." ... "Man."

"Through Lorne."

"We're going to change the world."

Okay...the first climactic battle is in...a bowling alley? Um. Hmm. Oooh, and the first Very Public Killing! Fun.

Hmm. I hate to say it, but Zoe isn't quite up to the role of Miss Perfect Bliss. Or is her fakeness supposed to be brilliant fakeness? Eh. Don't think so. But man, she has a lot of teeth.


Chlorox! ::dying::

Chlorox uniting Gunn and Wes in Holy Fred Love. Snork.

Night-blooming jasmine. Why does that seem a shout-out? Or is it just a BtVS reference...hmmm.

Oops. Angel and happiness. Poor dopey boy. Interesting that She doesn't bring automatic perfect happiness to him--affects him less than a street drug did in S1.

General Angel? 'kay.

Heh. Evil power line-up! (Will they use that in the credits next season? I. Would. Fucking. Die.) Faux uplifting montage! Cheesy slo-mo of righteousness! Angsty bleaching action!


Lorne: "It's too diva, isn't it? Diva/deity. It's a thin line."

Hmm. Jasmine...becoming symbolic...I feel...anvil...looming.

Eewwwwwww. Evil Corpsy Mama.

9:32 -- Okay. My apartment is not that large. My feet did not carrry me that many places. I had the tape IN MY HANDS, with the most recent three eps written right there on the side. And now. Oh Jesus Fucking Christ. Gone. Gone. Gone. It's not even the tape itself now, as the terror it has wrought on my brain. My brain: gone! gone! gone!

Is there any force of madness more powerful than a forgotten word or misplaced keys?

For keys, read: videotape.

Jamie Kennedy: quickly becoming the Carrot Top of the WB.

Are you there, Cordelia? It's me, Fred.

Ah, hospital psychiatric units, how I've missed you. Ben...Glory?

" the mission." I'm going to a very Frailty place here, but I will not spoil anyone for that movie. Go rent and watch it if you haven't already.

"Don't trust anyone!"

Wes and Fred...yikes. Getting the Invasion of the Body Snatchers vibe here from Pod!Wesley.

Yes, Wes will help you. You poor deluded fool. He'll help heal you into a POD, girl, a POD!

Nicely creepy moment as everyone turns to look down at poor Fred in vacant-eyed disbelief.

9:47 -- My...tape. Where...? Please. I beg you. Please return my tape. I'll do anything you ask. I'll pay anything. I just...I need it. Please don't hurt it.

"My love will follow you everywhere." Creeeeeepy.

"We are gathered here in peace. Let's not let her take that away from us." The passive-aggressive religiosity of Chlorox does have its perfect moments.

More jasmine.

Decapitation loophole. Heh.

I love Angel's perpetual self-blame, even when perfect happiness is knocking eagerly on the door.

"We'll have eyes everywhere..."


Ohhh, yeah. Very, verrrry Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Way cool ending. An actual street? Not convinced. But a plausibly constructed set, at least. Nice touch, the man kneeling outside the diner. That image will stay with me for a while.

9:57 -- I refuse to look for that sodding tape any more tonight. But such is the power of its obsessive control over my mind and heart that I think even Jasmine would have to fight its sway for my attention.

Holy shit. Holy SHIT. The--the promos. I will say nothing. Except. Oh. My. God.

Vilyvily on April 9th, 2003 10:22 pm (UTC)
Ok, the jumpsuits? I was singing the "Ghostbusters" song. But that's just me.
Hmm....Wesley as Egon. Gunn as Winston. Nahhh. But I do want to see Wesley in a pink shirt with red-framed glasses. He couldn't be any scarier than Angel in the yellow wallpaper shirt.
(Deleted comment)
miss_tea on April 10th, 2003 05:33 am (UTC)
Did she name herself Jasmine, you think? I thought someone else was supposed to name her.

I think she talked about how beautiful the 'night-blooming Jasmine' was 3 times in order to trick them into calling her that. Doubtless there will be some sort of 'night-blooming evil' puns later.
Destinadestina on April 9th, 2003 10:47 pm (UTC)
Wes and Gunn in their coveralls reminded me of Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen in Men At Work; the brothers Estevez played trash collectors who get involved in some crazy weird-ass stuff. (Also, I sensed a whiff of Ghostbusters. Who ya gonna call? *g*)
sockkpuppett on April 10th, 2003 05:11 am (UTC)
Did you find your tape?

The loudness of that striped shirt did more to convince me of Jasmine's intentions than any creepy crawly maggoty face things.

Who ordered the eggs for Fred?

Jasmine's 1988 hair? My hair looked just like that 15 years ago. Love her face, though.

So, now Cordy's "Sleeping Beauty?"

The street was a famous street "set" at Fox. (I think it's Fox.)

And the promos? I screamed. Rewound the tape. Screamed again. Oh. My. God. And with all of my mental machinations about Angel, why the *hell* didn't I see *that* coming? Jeez.
daddy's not done talkingros_fod on April 10th, 2003 08:16 am (UTC)
Faux uplifting montage! Cheesy slo-mo of righteousness! Angsty bleaching action!

Deity blood. That stuff never comes out!