Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

random angel wishfulness

No spoilers. Adapted from an e-mail I wrote to a friend...

It'd turn my crank if they finally discovered a way to get around Angel's pesky curse and sex him up for the network by having him bed Spike, who would never in any way make him happy--at least not according to the many fanonical examples we have to that effect, though I've seen contrary mention in regard to actual canon. (Epiphany contradicts this? Huh. I skimmed the script but I'm not seeing where it does, and memory fails me.)

Vampire relationships are interesting, because they can be taken for granted, in a sense; they're familial even when sexual, and they don't necessarily interfere with the characters' feelings for other people. The writers could do all sorts of playful stuff if they wanted--tease us with little hints, like they did with Willow and Tara. I'd be thrilled even if they never came out and actually said there was vamp action, but just gave us such gifts as an unexpected, oddly timed glimpse of Spike in Angel's room, pulling on his shirt--or maybe a shirt of Angel's, borrowed after a gooey mission, so that we could evade explicitness, except then Angel comes shirtless and barefoot from the bathroom.

See, I know I sound as if I'm on crack, but my feeling is that if you're winding down a series, you can take more chances. Go wild, right? And I, at least, was surprised by the explicitness of the themes explored in LMPTM, which I use as an example of how ME can still startle me even at this late date. But yeah, I'm insane, I know--I mean, is there any chance they'd give us hot homo vamp lovin' when they demoned up Cordelia without ever taking advantage of it? Poor undersexed Angel.

Half an hour to "Shiny Happy People." High point of my day. I am watching the clock....


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