Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

brave little toaster

Today, I came into work.

::pauses for sound of applause, whistles, cheers::

Usually, I'm ready to be Sickday Girl on any pretext--Hmm, broke a nail, might as well go back to bed--and yet I found myself trudging gamely into work, stress-nosed and bushed...tailed. Something like that. Good thing I did come in, as I actually have work that needs to be done.

Jean Teasdale is a disturbingly real person to me, filling me with a low roil of loathing and fascination, and instilling fears that there is some kind of similar sensibility that shapes my own personality, even after you strip away the Beanie Baby obssession, the sublimated maternalism, the inane pinheaded self-delusion and, yeah.

I got femslash as my flashfiction assignment. Of the two pairings I can choose to write, one is conventional, the other is loony. I'm choosing the loony one, of course. A thousand words. Pfffft. I can do that in my sleep waking, zombielike state any old day. Challenges are always easier to work on than one's own stuff. Whether it will actually be good is another matter.

Added another WIP to my list last night. Beer Good is adorable. S/X, nonslash, is how I'm seeing it described. Just two chapters, but immensely cheering.

Edited to add: There was no 8:30 meeting. I visualized my Microsoft Outlook calendar until I saw that blank spot, then took a chance and slept in. I am still dough-faced and bat-eyed, but the little extra bit did help.


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