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I've had the attention span of a hummingbird on crack today, and am disgusted with my inability to focus on work. Somehow I seem able to focus on other things, things that irritate me. I have this whole rant on "awards" which require links to their site and de-nominate any non-participants. But I think I've spent myself on that elsewhere. In truth I don't rant often. I don't think I do. And when I do, I don't often like to share it widely. I have to *really* want to stir things up, and I'm usually more of a non-confrontational, gripe-in-private sort. Plus, the things that bug me aren't always deeply justified in righteousness. Sometimes it's just idiosyncracy and irrationality. Like my irk du jour, which is your average BetterBuffyFic intro:

NAME: PetiteWillow LaFleur
FAV EP/SCENE/WHATEVER: ~~scene we've all seen a thousand times here~~
WHAT DO I LOOK FOR IN FANFIC (RELATIONSHIPS, GENRE, ETC): ~~angst, puppies, Willow in leather, blah blah~~

Slash. Yes. Thanks ever so. I know it's reader's choice, and no one's obliged to read something they're not interested in. It's just the damn ubiquity of it, the casualness, without any explanation, as if we're simply dismissing kiddie porn or snuff films. No need to elaborate further. We all understand, and will nod sympathetically. But why not lay it all out there? Why not just say--

WHAT WILL I NEVER EVER READ: Seething homosexual devil porn, probably with leering Nazis, pedophilia, fisting, and the insulting faggification of our stalwart men, or at least that's what I've heard, not that I read slash, though I did read this one story once, kind of, I couldn't make myself finish, and it was disgusting and explicit and offensive to my sensibilities and so of course it follows logically that every other story in the genre must be equally disgusting, and by the way some of my best friends are gay, and by the way, a year from now I'll be reading slash and two years from now I'll be reccing it, but only with many self-conscious caveats and nervous giggles, and in the meantime I'll just be over here wondering at banal length how anyone can want to write about two guys fucking when they're so obviously straight, and really it's just so icky.

Yeah. I know that's what you're thinking.
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