Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Umm...holy shit?

Best review so far.

Basically, my thoughts throughout the episode went something like this, with grossly inaccurate time stamps, yes:

9:10 Connor, poor lad, you are D-U-M.
9:20 Vampire angel mommy? It's like a bobbly-headed Jesus on your dashboard. It's just so wrong. We may have jumped the shark here.
9:25 Dear Angel, please play with the chains some more. And with Spike. Love, Anna.
9:30 Huh. David Boreanaz keeps looking thinner and dishier throughout this ep.
9:35 So...four years of plot twists were all in the service of this? Shyeahhhh, right. Who licked my blotter pad? I had that locked in a drawer for a reason. This show has so jumped the shark.
9:40 And Charisma manages to look even fatter. Please pop, baby, please jiffy pop.
9:45 Connor, rising music, slo-mo, evil pregnant striding diva. The sharks thrash in the water.
9:47 Holy crap, they really killed her. Is everyone in the Jossverse destined to be a murderer? Is there some kind of grand creative and philosophical scheme to all this?
9:50 Ohmigod, they just did another Wes-and-weaponry slo-mo John Woo roll! For no good reason! That's so lame! And so fucking cool!
9:55 He's going to kill he's not...yes he he's not.
9:56:40 Shark, shark, shark!
9:57 HOLY FUCKING CRAP! These people are freaks! This is the BEST SHOW EVER!
10:00 Oh crap, Kita was right--the increasing trend of Angelverse claustrophobia over the course of the last three years might have been entirely for a purpose! Bitch!

10:22 Brain throws a cog, grinds to a stop, Anna goes to lie down.


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