Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


Well, my performance review is over and many nice things were said--so nice, in fact, that my face aches from my painfully fixed smile. Like a lot of women, I have a hard time receiving praise and feel like a sham artist. Of course, I'm also a slacker by nature, and that contributes to my discomfort.
Manager: "The next area for improvement is self-confidence."
Me: " that a core competency?"
Manager: "Well, no, but I added some other stuff in. [blah blah blah praisecakes] ...and your co-workers think you're great, so you should bask!"
Me, (with fixed smile of agitation): "Action item: bask! Ha ha ha ha!"
Today's most brilliant thing ever: The Valorous Vampire, by Gwyneth Rhys. Go. Read. Now. I make a mental note to myself to send feedback later.

And now I desperately need to shove a muffin at my face and down it with coffee.


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