Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


I will not stop posting.

Watched "Sanctuary" and "Blind Date." How happy am I? RiDICulously happy. My god, Gunn is such a wunderkind. I love him to death. And Lindsey. He breaks my heart, he's such a cutie.

And, man, I'd forgotten the sheer HSQ of "Sanctuary." Buffy coming in to find Faith and Angel cuddling on his bed. The cutting finality of Angel saying, "Not in my city." Wesley playing along with the evil watchers, then backing Angel and the woman who'd tortured him. How much do I love him? Muchly. I was on tenterhooks, watching that ep.

Fascinating to note that throughout season one, they dressed Wesley in the White Watcher Suit of Righteousness. I'm not sure what that signifies. But he pretty much had only the one suit, and it was white. Or off-white. Fascinating.

I feel much more invested in Faith's arc after watching "Five by Five" and "Sanctuary." She was mesmerizing and beautifully fucked-up, torture, pain, and all. Is it wrong to re-imagine that arc with Spike instead of Faith? I think a lot of people probably write S/A on that premise. I get a happy from that.


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