Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Go, team me.

Tiny bite-sized chews.

I'm finally making some noteworthy progress on the next sidelines story.

Have yet to put my scrambled thoughts on LMPTM into form--also, discovered when I tried to rewatch that I'd accidentally reset the VCR home channel in my excitement and ended up recording an hour of snow. My friend S. is taping hers off Tivo. I will never question the Tivo again. All hail the great god Tivo. In the meantime, I have still been avoiding reviews and will have to skip back through my friends list at some point and dig them out.

I watched Angel too, but I feel vague.

I should have had my hair cut today, but didn't. I had cake for lunch. I can't believe my vacation is this far gone and I've done so little. Hours--HOURS--have gone by where I've done nothing but lie on my bed, stare at my pillow, listen to pop music, and occasionally giggle.

For lunch I had chocolate cake with violet butter-rum frosting, and crunchy candy violets strewn across the top. I feel sweet-tongued and woozy and evil on an almost cellular level.

BetterBuffyFics is strangely quiet.

I am going to buy a DVD player tonight!

Spike with bedhead, wearing faded blue jeans and one of those loose, white--almost blousy--cotton Oxfords, tucked in but with several buttons undone. And a slave choker, jade and lapis and gold, because he's a valuable kitty. And barefoot. Lounging on a sofa.

He's Methoslike in his perfection.

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