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vidding et cetera

destina's post on vidding got me thinking in a roundabout way about how vidding has shifted in locus, so I thought I'd throw a few of my edited thoughts up here, from a mailing list post I just made. First, though: I'm not a vidder. I was going to say, I'm not *much* of a vidder, but in fact despite being credited on a few vids, I'm not a vidder at all. So I'm just speaking as a consumer of vids, as someone who's interested in them.

What I got from reading Destina's post, overall, was: here's someone who'd feared vidding's steep learning curve, who might never have moved over that hurdle, who is now able and eager to create stuff. I thought that was pretty cool.

It seems like the learning curve is shorter and the physical process of vidding simpler for computer vidders, and to me this is something with no real downside. In the last year or two there's been a rising online presence for vidding, helped along by computer vidding. Because vids can be crafted on a computer now--the same machine we use to chatter to each other in ways usually less expensive than plane trips or long distance phone calls--the net seems to facilitate the spread of vidding to people who'd never been exposed before, people who haven't been to cons, etc. It had to be harder, before software was available, for someone living in India or the middle of Bumfuck, Texas to ramp up on vidding and get mentored through the apprentice stages.

I'm probably stating the dead obvious that other people have said many times before, but things I've noticed:

* It seems easier now for new vidders to break into the craft and develop.
* We're seeing more vids appear online as well as off; possibly, more vids are getting made.
* More people talk about vids then ever before and more people rec vids--two years ago there really was almost *no* vid talk in blogs and livejournals that I could find; now a day hardly goes by when there's not some vid mention or three, and it's spilled over to the lists I'm on as well.

I can't watch vids on my home computer, which is sad, but now and then I'll get a chance to watch them at work. It's weird--I still don't think of online vids as the default vid mode. To me, vids are things that you see at cons and play in your VCR, and online vids are kind of a weird species of monkey. It took me a while to warm to them, because of my computer issues--for the longest time I just let any mention of an online vid blow right by me, because I didn't think about trying to watch them on my laptop. They felt very big and "heavy" to me in terms of being a resource suck, and inaccessible. Now, as long as I can be sure no one's looking over my shoulder, I'm like, cool, vids!

If I ever do get a better computer and am able to download and play vids without the limitations of using a work laptop, I'm sure my perception will continue to grow and change.

The one thing that bothers me about online vids is their almost ubiquitous darkness, which often makes them very hard to view--I mean, I won't be able to distinguish what's going on in clips; it will just be a dark blur of movement. And that's a pain for many obvious reasons, and it can be hard for me to crit a vid--like, "Did they match lyrics to visuals well? Not sure. Couldn't see anything." I haven't found a solution for this, as there doesn't seem to be any contrast or brightness controls on my media players. Maybe there are and I just don't notice them, of course.

I wasted all day yesterday, and most of today so far. Which, it could be argued, is what you're meant to do on weekends, not to mention vacations, but I *always* do that lately--fuck around and fritter my hours away, lolling like a lazy bear in midwinter--and I want this time off to be creatively productive. So am going to try and kick my own ass tomorrow and get cracking on the writing. I did write *some*, though, so it's not a, write-off.

Am vaguely irritable right now for various reasons but am working hard to burn off this mood. Earlier in the day, I thought I had some things to say about Buffy, but I've lost them.

My fantasy du jour ("Du Jour means persistent vegetative state!"), that I've lingered over while staring at the ceiling, is a variation on Spike Enslaved! where he's mute and obedient and deferential--by choice, for various psychological and quasi-spiritual reasons. This storyline has about reached the laming-out point now, which is exactly like the flaming-out point, where everthing goes massively pear-shaped and silly. Actually it got there a while back, but I've been steadfastly pretending otherwise in the hopes of squeezing some additional scraps of amusement out of it.

The art of fantasizing. I should write about that someday. Along with "How to Nap Yourself Into a Coma" and "Solitary Drinking: A Writer's Guide to Self-Annihilation."

Charmed in twenty minutes. A rerun, I think, as it has Cole, but one I haven't seen. Quite possibly this might turn out to be the highlight of my day.

Stop laughing and go to bed!


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