Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

hail and pancakes

The sky is bouncing hailstones off the earth here; I'm in a semi-basement apartment, so my windows are level with the ground and I can see them rattling onto the gravel inches from my nose. Fun.

I just finished reading a fantastic story, The Scarab, which is a very long, very gen, and amazingly well conceived Stargate/Buffy crossover. Dialogue and action oriented, with solid characterizations; very much an ensemble piece. "Super neat!" is really all I can bleat about this. Set aside at least three hours and go read, okay?

I'll have to venture out into the hail if I want pancakes. Cold, wet, miserable day. It's really not something I want to do, but I'm starving and the IHOP won't bring pancakes to me. It'd be kind of awesome if they did, though pancakes are best when they're fresh off the griddle. You wouldn't want thirty-minute delivery pancakes. Someone should invent traveling mini-kitchens. Pancakes for Shut-Ins!

I am a slave to the cake.

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