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I've been gone a while from LJ and I'm not sure where my head is at right now, but I wanted to take a moment to post. I didn't want to let another day go by without saying thank you. kormantic did an amazing thing on her own initiative for me, and everyone who responded to her--you all did an incredible thing too, and I'm blown away. Kind of still shell-shocked actually, and buoyed. It was an amazing, unexpected birthday present. I hope to--I look forward to--paying it back in the sense of karmically paying it out and paying it forward.

I only just now skimmed Dawn Marie's post, by the way; I'd been avoiding reading it ever since she told me what she did and passed along your gifts (just from a somewhat natural angsty, self-conscious reflex) and despite her kind and sympathetic description of my circumstances, I'm not sure I'd claim that I've been doing worse than anyone else in these times--but more likely I just don't want to admit it. It's true I've been struggling with a lot of day-to-day things, not to mention feeling bad and lost for a long time now. I've been trying to get back on track though, and this helps more than you'll probably ever know. Among other things, I'm now able to bring my car back from the red-tape of repossession and pay the cost of renewing several prescriptions I need.

And for anyone who wonders what the hell I'm talking about, I apologize! :) And while I'm not going to explode a long pent-up gush of chatter over LJ right now, I'm hoping to poke my head up more often and maybe get back in the groove of things.

Much love to fandom and the people in it,

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