Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

this is my life

Lying on my couch watching crap episodes of Charmed. Tonight, Wrestling with Demons. Oh my god, this is bad. As the recapper says, "In a ratings ploy, Charmed imports a trio of WCW lugnuts to combat the new Thursday installments of Survivor II and CSI on CBS. The ploy failed miserably, but the episode was entertaining nonetheless. The lovely ladies of Halliwell Manor go up against the low-rent meat-axes of the WCW to save the soul of an adorable ex of Prue's."

"Entertaining" is, however, a stretch, rather like the spandex encasing the rooster-comb bulges of the meat-axes in question. These are *wrestling* stars. Or, if you will, "stars." Also, the music played during the wrestling scenes is terrible, and the bitches--er, witches--vanquished their foes by mat-slamming them. Christ.

I'm now watching this show as I coast on mere *mentions* of Cole, rather than actual appearances. Is that sad? Yes, sad. Can I note please that when this season began he was in the freakin' credits? What kind of show suspends a character for this long after they bothered to edit the credits? Lame asses.

A few interesting guest stars besides the WCW meat--Ron Perlman, and Sean Gunn of Gilmore Girls (Kirk). Of Sean Gunn, IMDb says, "The character "Gunn" on the TV series "Angel" was named such after Angel creator Joss Whedon worked with both Sean and his brother James Gunn (II)." Hey! Also guest starring Marco Sanchez, who was apparently on SeaQuest, like I care.

God--this episode ended with the question, "Where do we go from here?" And "Once More, With Feeling" aired ten months later. It's a pointless comparison, but all I have to say is, if ME ever stole anything from Charmed, more power to them. Because it would be like stealing Monets from crackwhores.


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