Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

a technical question for the hivemind

At home, either my monitor or my video card is crapping out. The symptoms and conditions are:

  • Usually when I start up, it works fine at first. If I stay on and the computer's in constant use, it continues to work.
  • If I leave it long enough that the screen saver kicks in, I can't get the picture back. (I've got screen saver set to kick in after 90 minutes, maybe two hours right now, but that's not ideal.)
  • At that point, if I turn the monitor on and off, I'll get a half-second of image before it fades.
  • If I turn off the computer and restart immediately, I get the initial Windows logo, and the cursor shows up briefly, but the screen remains black when it's fully up.
  • If I wait several hours, I can usually get it to start fine again--but the time frame is inconsistent.

    Any thoughts? I can take it into a shop for diagnosis, but if it's something I can just replace myself--either the card or the monitor--that'd be easier.
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