Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

imaginary story title meme - stories pt 1

I'm still working on these. (No more, please! :) Here is what I have so far. From what I can tell, I'm making this post because I'm vaguely disgruntled and distracted (again) today and need to post something--and anything else would tax my brain too much.

The Year of Magical ThinkingCollapse )
Rodney McKay's Big DayCollapse )
16 Reasons to Hate McKay...and Why I Don'tCollapse )
XanaduCollapse )
Curling Adventures of the Terminally Sports IneptCollapse )
A Brand New Set of HandsCollapse )
Pirates of AtlantisCollapse )
Home on DerangeCollapse )
Babes with BladesCollapse )
The Night with the Pop TartsCollapse )
Rodney McKay and the Prisoner of AtlantisCollapse )
Two Rights Make One WrongCollapse )
The Curious Incident of the Doc in the Night-timeCollapse )
The Sheltering SkyCollapse )

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