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imaginary story title meme - stories pt 1

I'm still working on these. (No more, please! :) Here is what I have so far. From what I can tell, I'm making this post because I'm vaguely disgruntled and distracted (again) today and need to post something--and anything else would tax my brain too much.

The Year of Magical Thinking for logovo

"The Year of Magical Thinking" is the gen backstory novella I wrote about Rodney's adolescence, where he experiences severe trauma and runs away from home, taking to the mean streets of Toronto. During this lost year, he is full of self-doubt and hatred, and rebels against his past, completely abandoning his usual brand of logic and inverting his thought processes.

He becomes superstitious, trying out a variety of spiritual and religious ways of thinking, and adopting many obsessive-compulsive rituals to protect himself from harm. He falls in love with a hustler, Josh, and there are many scenes of them huddling from the cold together in alleys, sharing cartons of take-out and blankets.

Of course, he must eventually return to his right path, return home, and go back to school to become the great scientist and leader (*cough*) he is today.

Rodney McKay's Big Day for lillian78

"Rodney McKay's Big Day" is the story where I try my hand at age regression and turn Rodney into a cranky six-year-old. He is a ridiculously precocious little brat and runs away to hide from the Atlantis personnel, starts messing around the city's database, and does awful things to its systems, environmental controls, and door locks. Then he heads out to explore with a back-pack of food stolen from the kitchens, discovers a whole new hidden wing of the city filled with sleeping robots, meets some sentient dolphins, and falls asleep on a balcony, where John finally finds him and scoops him up and brings him home.

16 Reasons to Hate McKay...and Why I Don't for jackycomelately

A first-person John POV story, where each listed reason is its own chapter (anywhere from a sentence or two in length, to several pages), that eventually ends in happy face smushing and kissing and nibbling. A short quote:

Reason #7

He steals my pudding.

Xanadu for monanotlisa

"Xanadu" was written while I was sick with a cold and high on cough medicine, and I've blocked the writing process from my memory, but the result was a 10,000 word AU where Atlantis is actually a magical kingdom, and Rodney its prince.

John is also a prince, of a neighboring kingdom (neighboring in relative terms, of course, to the galaxy), who is to enter into an alliance by marriage to Rodney in order to establish--along with another member state, Sateda--the beginnings of a confederation against the Wraith.

John isn't entirely happy about leaving his home and moving to Atlantis, because he will miss his aeroplanes, but Rodney will build him new ones.

(And wow, I just realized I totally stole the idea for this story from an existing AU. Oh well! *g*)

Curling Adventures of the Terminally Sports Inept for thepouncer

Oh dear...

"Curling Adventures of the Terminally Sports Inept" -- This was a WIP that I eventually abandoned because I was thwarted in my attempt to research and understand curling.

However, in the part that I did write, there was hot post-curling locker room sex between John and Rodney, with pants unzipped and messy frottage.

*runs away*

A Brand New Set of Hands for pearl_o

A terribly literal title of mine: Rodney, who is occasionally an idiotic sort of genius, sticks his hands into a machine that's been discovered in a lab of Atlantis. The machine latches on and he yells a lot and everyone tries to free him, but when he is finally released, he finds that his own hands have been replaced with beautiful silver metal ones. He is wild, freaked out, and distraught until they start to evince special powers, and then he's like, hmm, cool.

John of course, is wildly turned on by them.

Pirates of Atlantis for margueritem

Ah, yes. So, really, the world on which Atlantis is situated is big. Very big. And it turns out that the SG expedition didn't really scan it all that well for life signs, as they learn one day when a pirate ship arrives by sea and launches an attack on the city. The base personnel are mostly bemused rather than alarmed, as the ship is firing small cannons that really don't do much harm.

John eventually goes out waving a white flag and invites the pirates to parley. Rodney is horrified when the pirates come into the city and loom around, unwashed and bearded, with odd little animals like monkeys perched on their shoulders. But then he confesses to John that when he was little, he really wanted to be a pirate. Still, when he's kidnapped for ransom by the pirate gang, he's alarmed and very loud.

They feed him stale bread.

Poor, poor Rodney.

Home on Derange for yin_again

Rodney suffers a trauma that is both painful and kind of funny (er, yes... o.o) and goes off his nut, but seems really quite happy in his deranged state, and resists every attempt by Kate and Carson to return him to normal. Even in his normal state, Rodney often displays no social inhibitions--in his PTSD state he is both monumentally terrifying and hilarious. John is kind of enamored of him this way, in fact, and though he tries hard to keep a solemn, serious front around Elizabeth and Carson he is secretly cracking up over Rodney's acting out.

Rodney, daft, batty, haywire, wanders around Atlantis trailing his loose screws while John follows and tried to keep him from blowing anything up.

Also, Rodney hugs John a lot for no apparent reason.

When he's feeling a bit better, they have healing sex.

Also, for some reason when I wrote this story, I put in a lot of muffins and puppies. And then revised them out. So sad!

Added: Oh wait--I'd forgotten. It wasn't actually trauma per se, but stress and overwork and lack of sleep. *nods*

Babes with Blades for whatdanidigs

This was my lighthearted Rodney/Teyla romantic comedy, where the team travels to a planet led by hot warrior babes who do exciting ceremonial demonstrations with big swords, which they also carry around on their broad, scantily-clad hips. Rodney walks around with glassy eyes (gaze fixed at breast level), breathing rather irregularly.

Rodney makes some worshipful comment about "babes with blades" being incredibly hot. Teyla, who secretly crushes on Rodney, is all, "Excuse me, but am *I* not a hot warrior babe?" Except she's much more subtle than that. And Rodney's like, yes, but, fight with *sticks*. And John's like, whoa boy, she can kick your ass with those sticks. At which Teyla lifts her chin proudly just a bit and smiles. But Rodney's like, yes, well, but...sticks. They're just not as glamorous as swords, are they? And Teyla loses her smile and narrows her eyes at him in a dangerous way.

And then of course she kicks his ass a lot with the sticks and he finally gets it. "Ohhhh, you *like* me."

And then he gets some hot warrior babe action and they live happily ever after.

The Night with the Pop Tarts for unnecessary_

That story of the fateful day--which later became night--when Rodney and Zelenka discover a food replicator. They feed it a bunch of vegetables, which it has no problem with. Then they feed it a Pop Tart. It of course promptly malfunctions. They can't figure out how to turn it off at first. By the time they do, they are hip-deep in replicated Pop Tarts. Strawberry.

They end up distributing the Pop Tarts to the Atlantis peeps and Athosians, who are pretty pleased with the results.

Then Rodney sneaks back into the lab and feeds it chocolate.


Rodney McKay and the Prisoner of Atlantis for margueritem

One of the Ancients--what you might call semi-ascended--is trapped in a holding chamber in the depths of Atlantis. They can't find a way to release him, but they can communicate with him through the force-field walls of his cell. He is a very pretty man, and very mesmerizing and Rodney, obsessing in his sleepless, dedicated, kind of crazed way as he tries to master the ancient technology and free the guy, becomes more and more fascinated with him, drawn in by his hypnotic eyes and voice.

John tries to warn him off the guy, but Rodney spazzes out at what he sees as interference. "Oh, *you* can play footsie with the Ascended babes, but I can't pal around with the one guy who might be able to explain how all this technology works?!" He's pretty buzzed on amphetamines and caffeine at this point. Anyway, the guy promises Rodney all sorts of exciting things, including the possibility of ascension! (Exclamation point from the caffeine.) They free the guy, who of course turns out to be eeeeevil, and bad stuff happens, and after much fun, the Ancient escapes through the gate without having given Rodney any cool info about the city's systems. And without turning him glowy and floaty.

After the guy's departure, Rodney's mouth goes downturned with disappointment, and John slings an arm around his shoulder and says, "I don't think you'd have liked ascension anyway. Think of all the things you'd miss--food, beer, sex."

Rodney, snappish: "When you can offer me more than one out of three, then come talk to me."

John: *kisses him*

Rodney: "Hmmph. Well. Okay then."


Two Rights Make One Wrong for aurora_84

John and Rodney and...much arguing. Each one of them believes he is completely right, all the time, about whatever the thing is they're arguing about. And there is much tension and snippy banter. They're driving everyone on the base bugfuck crazy and Elizabeth makes them go to team counseling with Kate, and many people make cranky comments to one another about how maddening their arguments are.

Unlike the trend in other stories, no one assumes there's any unresolved sexual tension simmering under the surface. No one advises that they have wild monkey sex. Instead, they tell the two of them to shape up. Elizabeth says it, Kate says it, Teyla says it. And then Ronon and Zelenka. Lorne just sort of implies it, because he has to be diplomatic in his position.

So one day they're on a mission, just kind of hanging out in the guest quarters with nothing to do, as will happen. Rodney and John snipe at each other. Teyla and Ronon get fed up with the bickering and disappear. John and Rodney eventually look up from their UST-fest and say "Huh" as they notice the others are gone.

"Maybe we should try to get along better," John muses. "For their sakes."

Rodney: "Yes, let's all just play Happy Families, Colonel. God forbid that a critical scientific and military expedition hone its edge on fruitful debate." Or something like that.

John sighs and notices some killer weed on the buffet table, which he mistakes for something more innocuous. He lights up and puffs by himself for a while, then offers it to Rodney, who grudgingly takes a toke. And then ten more.

And then they get cuddly and friendly, tension dissipating in happy monkey sex. And after that they're all goofy and smiling and terribly obvious and pleased with themselves, and everyone on Atlantis is like, "Oh, man. I did not need to know that." And Lorne tries very hard to keep a straight face and not to imply anything.

And they lived happily ever after!

The Curious Incident of the Doc in the Night-time for zee

Mm, the story where Rodney starts sleepwalking around Atlantis, holding conversations with people that he doesn't remember the next day. He even sleep-eats in the mess hall. It takes a while for anyone to catch on. A few people mention conversations they've had with him, and he's like, what the hell are you talking about? All scoffingly.

After several nights of John bumping into Rodney and holding curious conversations with him (noticing that Rodney also seems to be having curious, wacky chats with himself), John starts to wonder what's up. He tries to convince Rodney that he's sleepwalking, but Rodney keeps saying "pish" to that, and while John is pondering and trying to decide if he needs to report this to Heightmeyer, Rodney starts showing up in John's room in the middle of the night and climbing into bed with him. And cuddling.

John: "Um...Rodney?"

Rodney, blinking awake: "What the hell?" *pulls covers to his chest* "What are you doing?"

John: "What am *I* doing?"

More wackiness ensues, but John is a good team leader and wants Rodney to get his much needed rest, know where this is going.

Groping under the covers, little murmury squeaky noises from Rodney, sigh sigh purr.

The Sheltering Sky for alizarin_nyc

This is my SGA "John and Rodney are stranded" story, along the lines of the SG-1 Jack/Daniel story I wrote (No Man is Born an Angler). It also reprises the idea of the spacetime-y bubble-shield used in "Epiphany" but maybe without the time bending. So, not really the same idea. Basically it's just a protective shield, as used in...other episodes. Anyway, the two of them are stranded somewhere under "the sheltering sky" (i.e., the anti-Wraith shield) with the honest, hardworking folk of that world, and eventually have to admit to themselves that they're never going to be rescued, so they adapt to life there. And in this story there is emotional angst out the wazoo, with John and Rodney taking wives, and having children, but sustaining their special bond of being from Earth & Atlantis, which over the years nourishes a deeper friendship--except that part of the angst is that each man is unsure whether their friendship has substance or is simply based on common background. But then John's wife dies in childbirth, and then Rodney's dies a few years later of a sickness, and they wind up householding together with their kids, and then I completely borrow stuff from astolat's "A Beautiful Lifetime Event" with a shared bed and homely chores and friendship becoming love.

And the angst turns to gold.


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  • (no subject)

    Just posting to wave hello, I'm alive, I'm maintaining. I haven't been online; mostly, I've been pacing out daily routines, or holding onto the rope…

  • (no subject)

    The week to two-week placement I'm currently in has turned into a potentially long-term month-to-month opportunity, and I accepted the offer this…

  • (no subject)

    LiveJournal is branding itself as "A global community of friends who share your unique passions and interests." My unique passions; those which I…