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miscellany from the desk of me.

All my performance reviewing is done. The only other thing I'll have to worry about this year is the follow-up on my own review, where I sit with my manager and go over feedback and create goals for the next year.

I put down on my self-review that I wanted to be more reliable and productive this year in my deliverables. And I sit now, in the review aftermath, brain empty, doing pretty much nothing. Whee. <-- said in a Ben Stein monotone

On my way back from lunch I saw a woman at the bus stop with a huge purple turban on her head, tall enough to hide two stacked pineapples. She kept her balance impressively with no capsizing. (Ha ha! Capsizing! ...yes. Anyway.) You wonder what that sort of thing is concealing though. I think it would be ridiculously easy for aliens to hide among us. All those stupid SciFi Channel movies may be getting the facts entirely right.

Moments later a man passed me, walking his dog, which wore a little knitted army jacket with chevrons indicating its rank. I think it was a sergeant.

I mentioned that I'd started back on Prozac and that I'm also taking Adderall now. Several months back I posted about how I'd found some info online that suggested the two drugs had a negative interaction, even though my doctor insists otherwise. Maybe it's the increase in blood pressure meds in the mix, but I think the two are playing nicely together. It seems to be the best course right now, anyway, and my BP seems to be under control. I just thought I'd mention this for anyone who's working through a similar process of finding the right drug combos, etc.

I offer the top songs on my current playlist, sadly without music files, because most are still in proprietary iTunes format at the moment.
  • Younger Men - K.T. Oslin (from rewatching White Palace)
  • Heat of the Moment - Asia (from watching The 40 Year Old Virgin -- fantastic movie)
  • Unsent - Alanis Morissette
  • The Gambler - Kenny Rogers (from thinking about that Alias ep I mentioned yesterday)
  • The Living Years - Mike & The Mechanics (from the kindness of poshcat, I think)
  • This Girl Is Taking Bets - Thea Gilmore (still going strong on my playlist since October, when I saw killabeez's Alias vid; click here for details)
  • Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley (traces back to watching z_rayne's and wickedwords's John/Rodney vid, done to the Rufus Wainwright cover)
  • Out of L.A. - Jude (from the generous boniblithe, I think :>)
  • Take a Chance on Me - ABBA
  • Talkin' About a Home - Chris Isaak
And, just because...

Three singers whose voices I can't stand:

Tom Petty
The Pretenders
Roger Daltrey

Three songs that make me twitch and froth at the mouth for no special reason:

"Piggies" - The Beatles
"Our House" - Madness
"Deacon Blues" - Steely Dan

Fat Cat video. o.o Fat! Cat! Ha. (You may be forced to watch an advertisement first. Mine was of an Olympic figure-skater with a voiceover that assured me, "No matter what it takes to live your dreams, life takes Visa." Yeah. And Visa takes your life and converts it to a TWENTY-THOUSAND DOLLAR DEBT.)

Oh my god I am so totally avoiding work today. *sob*
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