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I'm a petal on the wind.

Thank you for the roses, anonymice. I put them in a vase. Except that I first wrote "face." But really. I did. Because I am a dork.

I have no comments in the Valentine's Day Game, and am strangely glad, because even knowing how happy anonymous love memes make people*, they usually make me angst about everyone else. Omissions. So I get to sit this one out on the wallflowery side of the room with other freaks and geeks, eating cookies, watching cool kids dance, and wondering why I wore this dress. (ETA: I can sit here even if I'm holding roses, right? I mean, the corsage is from my mom.)

(*Also, I think svmadelyn is sweet and highly cool in the *good* way, as are so many other people I know who did get comments, which I don't begrudge, and the ones who left comments too. I say all this without passive agression! I am full of love! It will only last for about five minutes and then I'll roll over and go to sleep, but still, for!)

Slightly perky today, but ohmygod so unfocused and so bored and, possibly, so very going home this minute. *looks shiftily around office and wonders whether anyone would notice*

ETA: Also, can I mention that I realize that not getting comments doesn't reflect how people might feel about me? And ditto for everyone else. And OMG I cannot post anything without qualifying it six different ways!!!! *explodes from neurosis*
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