Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

A day in the life.

He got his freak on.
Café Art Chick: "You know who was weird? Gandhi."
Your queer Indian canon is oppressing me.
Café Art Chick: "God! I hate all this art! It's so boring! ...not *boring*, it's just all homosexual and dramatic and meaningful. All of these have American Indians. They're *symbolic*."
Are we still on Gandhi?
Café Art Chick's Study Partner: "Oh, I know! His background is so freaky. Vomiting blood into people's mouths and stuff."
Their little mittens hide the scars.
Of a man who tried to make our elevator, but stopped short of jamming his hand between the closing doors:

eBoy: "He didn't want it bad enough."
eBoy2: "Those things are the jaws of death."
eBoy: "Wuss."
eBoy2: "Escalators are worse. You always hear about kids getting sucked in."
eBoy: "Sucked *in*?"
eBoy2: "They just keep a bucket underneath for the fingers."
eBoy: "Dude, you're sick."
Me, exactly fifty years from now.
Nordstrom sales clerk: "I have this customer who calls me every day. Sometimes two or three times. If I forget to call her she yells at me. She's eighty-seven and lonely."
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