Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


You know...

  • When you suddenly find yourself back in high school,
  • and you're the oldest student there,
  • and you spend an hour in the bathroom working on your make-up before first period,
  • but your lipstick keeps smudging,
  • and you redo it again and again like an act of madness,
  • and then on your way to class you realize that you never signed up for any electives,
  • so they assigned you available classes at random,
  • and you walk into a darkened auditorium with slides of bad art flashing across the projector screen,
  • and the teacher brutally mocks everyone coming in the door,
  • and emasculates the only guy in the class and sends him packing,
  • and then sneeringly inquires whether *any* of you know the slightest thing about the British Parliamentary system,
waking up to the alarm clock and going to work can be a beautiful relief.
Tags: dreams
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